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Blood in the Streets
Port-au-Prince, Haiti—National Police stand guard around the body of Neroce R. Ciceron, a former captain in Haiti's disbanded army, after he was beaten and stoned to death by anti-government protesters on February 5. Members of Haiti's abolished military clashed with protesters who were demanding the resignation of President Michel Martelly. Some protesters hurled rocks at the ex-soldiers, a few of whom fired their weapons. Haiti’s military was abolished in 1995 due to its history of toppling governments and crushing dissent. On February 8, Martelly stepped down. As January's presidential election had been postponed because of fears of violence and allegations of fraud, no successor was in place. So an eleventh-hour deal was brokered for Parliament to elect an interim president with new elections set to be held on April 24, followed by a swearing-in on May 14.