The 10 Most Obscure Congressmen

The congressional newspaper Roll Call recently picked the Hill's 10 most invisible congressmen. Heading the list is GOP Rep. Clarence Miller of Ohio who Roll Call says is virtually unknown--despite 23 years in Congress. The others:

Herb Bateman (R-Va.), immersed in legislative detail.

Robert Borski (D-Pa.),immersed in favors for home folks

Joe Early (D-Mass.), who recently held his first press conference.

Charles Hatcher (D-Ga); Tip O'Neill once said he'd never heard of him.

Dennis Hertel (D-Mich.) backs losers for chairmanships.

Ray McGrath (R-N.Y.), a former phys-ed teacher.

Henry Nowak (D-N.Y.), interested in protecting Buffalo.

Richard Schulze (R-Pa.), interested in protecting mushroom growers.

French Slaughter (R-Va.), uninterested in any public speaking.