Green Rankings 2012: Information Technology & Services

Companies in this sector are involved in the development and delivery of system and application software, data processing and outsourced services, IT services, and Internet services.

Companies in this industry are contributing to sustainability solutions through the development of innovative software and services, aimed at helping other companies mitigate environmental impacts such as carbon, water, and waste. In recent years, there has also been an increasing focus on making the industry’s data centers more energy efficient. This is an important area of growth, as roughly 1.5 percent of global electricity is being consumed by data centers—an amount that more than doubled between 2005 and 2010. Still, operational energy consumption remains the industry’s most significant environmental impact, and the industry should continue developing efficient and effective energy-consumption practices. As a whole, there is relatively little evidence of robust, companywide renewable energy programs that include long-term targets and deadlines, along with annual reporting on progress.


Key Industry Impacts


• Greenhouse gas emissions and general waste generation and disposal together account for more than 83 percent of the total environmental footprint for Information Technology & Services companies.


Critical Issue Profile: Energy & Emissions


The Climate Group and the Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI) estimates that products and services from the Information, Technology & Services industry have the potential to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by 15 percent by 2020, via efficiency-based solutions such as water management tools, energy optimization applications, and renewable energy technologies. To provide these solutions, however, companies must house vast amounts of digital infrastructure, which consume considerable amounts of energy and water. Consequently, the management and mitigation of operational emissions is a critical concern. As a whole, the industry is relatively late to address its own environmental impact. While most companies are reporting direct and indirect emissions, only a small group discloses reduction programs that apply company-wide, not just to certain facilities.



Industry Ranking: How U.S. Information Technology & Services Companies Stack Up


Industry RankCompanyOverall RankIndustry SectorImpactManagementDisclosureGreen Score2011 Green Score
1IBM1Information Technology & Services78.987.082.982.982.5
2CA Technologies5Information Technology & Services79.980.648.177.172.6
3Accenture8Information Technology & Services79.277.541.874.774.0
4Microsoft12Information Technology & Services77.579.627.673.567.6
5Cognizant Technology13Information Technology & Services78.866.478.173.170.9
6Autodesk21Information Technology & Services80.270.932.771.3N/A
7Google22Information Technology & Services74.977.526.771.263.8
8Intuit29Information Technology & Services80.068.331.369.968.0
9Adobe Systems31Information Technology & Services79.760.069.069.871.5
10Symantec40Information Technology & Services77.666.731.768.167.1
11CSC44Information Technology & Services75.769.225.867.867.1
12Teradata57Information Technology & Services69.366.057.266.666.0
13Oracle60Information Technology & Services68.776.98.366.365.2
14Salesforce.com62Information Technology & Services77.761.232.965.863.7
15SAIC75Information Technology & Services80.056.433.564.765.6
16eBay93Information Technology & Services77.054.934.662.859.5
17VMware116Information Technology & Services80.551.316.761.055.6
18Yahoo!120Information Technology & Services72.756.323.660.460.5
19Convergys140Information Technology & Services80.350.
20Western Union143Information Technology & Services80.350.20.058.755.9
21Citrix147Information Technology & Services80.549.50.058.558.2
22Automatic Data Processing157Information Technology & Services79.741.335.858.157.0
23MasterCard168Information Technology & Services82.943.54.257.357.0
24Visa206Information Technology & Services82.939.54.255.555.2
25Fiserv210Information Technology & Services79.442.
26Fidelity National Info. Services229Information Technology & Services80.439.
27Activision Blizzard235Information Technology & Services79.639.50.053.654.2
28Paychex240Information Technology & Services79.
29Alliance Data Systems267Information Technology & Services76.539.50.052.2N/A