Green Rankings 2012: Technology Equipment

Companies in this sector design and manufacture computer hardware, telecommunication systems, public infrastructure, chips, and other equipment.

Many Technology Equipment companies are addressing their environmental impacts by improving product offerings and manufacturing processes. Driven by increasingly stringent regulations, such as the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS), the industry’s pace of improvement is accelerating and positively affecting sourcing practices, material use, electronic waste, and packaging. Leading companies have also identified water consumption as a key impact, with best practices including engaging local governments and communities in water initiatives, participation in the CDP Water Disclosure survey, and setting long-term reduction targets and deadlines. But more can be done to extend environmental programs throughout the value chain. Strong programs should include clearly defined supplier standards, monitoring systems, third-party audits, and annual disclosure on findings and targets.


Key Industry Impacts


• Waste generation and disposal and greenhouse gas emissions together account for more than 84 percent of the total environmental footprint of Technology Equipment companies.

• The industry accounts for 2 percent of all waste generation, and 2 percent of the total greenhouse gas emissions of all the companies in the Green Rankings.

• About 2 percent of the total environmental impact of companies ranked comes from this industry.


Critical Issues: Product Life Cycles


Given the industry’s rapid innovation and consumption cycles, the environmental impact of Technology Equipment companies is best understood within the context of life-cycle assessment (LCA). This involves an examination of environmental impact at each stage of a product’s life, starting with design, sourcing and manufacturing to customer use and end-of-life disposal. Companies such as Dell and Hewlett-Packard are using the Greener Electronics Council’s Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool to certify products that adhere to environmental criteria throughout a product’s life cycle. Leading companies are minimizing impact throughout a product’s life by ensuring various features are in place, including disassembly and repair mechanisms, material-recovery programs and take-back or recycling initiatives for consumers. These programs should continually involve suppliers throughout the value chain and be aligned with company-wide, quantitative targets and deadlines.



Industry Ranking: How U.S. Technology Equipment Companies Stack Up


Industry RankCompanyOverall RankIndustry SectorImpactManagementDisclosureGreen Score2011 Green Score
1Hewlett-Packard2Technology Equipment67.291.968.778.575.8
2Dell4Technology Equipment67.489.664.477.174.7
3Nvidia6Technology Equipment77.276.372.376.371.9
4Intel7Technology Equipment59.288.487.375.271.4
5EMC11Technology Equipment67.488.832.873.671.6
6Cisco Systems19Technology Equipment66.679.762.472.168.4
7Motorola Solutions20Technology Equipment64.385.843.171.870.7
8Advanced Micro Devices39Technology Equipment57.980.559.468.268.7
9Qualcomm42Technology Equipment68.765.475.667.962.6
10Ingram Micro43Technology Equipment80.468.010.367.867.2
11Juniper Networks46Technology Equipment64.871.563.767.762.3
12Applied Materials47Technology Equipment60.877.254.367.665.7
13Texas Instruments48Technology Equipment55.176.680.167.361.8
14Xerox66Technology Equipment55.473.075.365.365.4
15Seagate Technology70Technology Equipment60.272.951.865.163.1
16Marvell Technology Group71Technology Equipment61.674.337.564.969.0
17TE Connectivity91Technology Equipment55.867.873.763.063.0
18Analog Devices92Technology Equipment58.469.652.562.853.5
19Maxim Integrated94Technology Equipment56.372.747.162.8N/A
20NetApp105Technology Equipment62.764.643.261.661.3
21Apple118Technology Equipment67.465.710.260.964.7
22Avnet139Technology Equipment76.753.
23Jabil Circuit145Technology Equipment63.559.035.558.757.7
24Flextronics148Technology Equipment64.064.08.758.559.6
25Western Digital164Technology Equipment62.260.223.457.455.6
26Harris182Technology Equipment65.159.08.356.759.0
27Micron Technology193Technology Equipment52.558.660.356.050.7
28Broadcom194Technology Equipment58.162.616.756.050.7
29Molex203Technology Equipment58.254.349.355.654.6
30SanDisk232Technology Equipment58.757.016.753.746.9
31Sanmina-SCI247Technology Equipment55.562.
32KLA-Tencor255Technology Equipment63.653.50.052.7N/A
33Corning295Technology Equipment50.152.648.251.046.4
34NCR300Technology Equipment61.751.10.050.851.4
35Tech Data307Technology Equipment75.
36Arrow Electronics330Technology Equipment73.535.
37Amphenol454Technology Equipment54.