June 26 Issue

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Counting Yourself Crazy

Technology has revolutionized what we can measure about ourselves. But is all that tracking good for our health?

A Child Has Been Killed

In the Syrian village of Khan Assobl, the regime aims its shells at civilians, hardening hearts—one casualty at a time.
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Turning Up the Heat

Turning Up the Heat

This summer is proving to be a hot one for Europe, recalling scenes from 2003 when, during a deadly heat wave, temperatures regularly went beyond 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Forecasters predict higher temperatures are yet to come. In Warsaw, a young girl cools off in the spray of a hose in front of Poland’s Royal Castle. Temperatures throughout Poland have climbed into the low 80s, well above the seasonal average of 64 degrees.
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New World

You Listen to This Man Every Day

Rick Rubin got Black Sabbath to return to its roots. He crashed Kanye’s new album in 15 days. From Def Jam to Adele, the hit-maker gets intimate about his last 30 years—and how he’s about to make history.