August 23 Issue

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Free at Last

Fifty years later, we’re closer than you think to realizing Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream.

The Believer

Tzipi Livni still thinks peace is possible in Israel and Palestine. She’s about to get her chance to prove it.

The Forgotten Cuisine

From Thai to Greek to Ethiopian, the U.S. is awash in foods from all over the world. But when will Native American cooking finally get its moment?
Big Shots
States Ablaze

States Ablaze

Wildfires in the American West continue to rage, incinerating not only homes but also tax dollars. Fighting these fires has already cost more than $1 billion this summer, and the season’s not over yet. The Rim fire, near California’s Yosemite National Park, has been burning for nearly a week. It has spread over more than 16,000 acres.
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The Unknown Nazi Hunter

Even his closest relatives didn’t know that Hanns Alexander tracked down some of history’s most notorious war criminals.

Preventing Pandemics

In a remote corner of the world, an American lieutenant colonel is helping with the construction of a high-tech laboratory to study and prevent the spread of anthrax and the plague.

The Tower of Tennis

John Isner is the brightest American hope on the court, but can he win the U.S. Open?

Talk, Now Walk?

Eric Garcetti, L.A.’s new mayor, knows how to send signals. Will he know how to govern?

Family Ties

Michelle Nunn wants to end the Democrats’ losing streak in Georgia and win back her father’s Senate seat.
New World
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Happy Birthday, Iris!

The fashion world’s youngest star, Tavi Gevinson, interviews its oldest star, Iris Apfel. But who is younger at heart?

A Blue Season for Blueberries

A quiet harvest has producers worried that something’s rotten in the state of Maine, where most of the world’s wild blueberries are grown.
platt marling

The Secret Is Out

Fabien Riggall’s evenings bring the arts to life with an air of mystery.