August 30 Issue

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Bill de Who?

After a surprising, meteoric rise in the polls, Bill de Blasio is suddenly on the brink of becoming New York’s next mayor. What does he really believe?

Go Big or Stay Home

On Syria, there aren’t many good options. But the president has chosen the worst of them all.

Too Radical for the Taliban

A high-level fighter accuses his fellow militants of going soft—and engineers a schism that could have major consequences for Afghanistan.
Big Shots
People Get Ready

People Get Ready

Martin Luther King Jr. got a star-spangled salute August 28 for the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington and his “I Have a Dream” speech. Tens of thousands turned out for the march, and Presidents Carter, Clinton, and Obama spoke from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. The Bushes were unable to attend due to health issues.
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The Bachelor

Could Cory Booker be elected president without getting married?

The Italian Idol

Forget about age, baldness, or any lines on his face—actor Toni Servillo is adored, admired, and desired.
New World

Trees of Life

Landscape architecture on a grand scale is essential for our survival.
wilkinson aitken

Art’s Big Road Trip

Doug Aitken’s 'Station to Station’ throws artists, musicians, and everything in between on a cross-country train to see what sticks.

The Last Hurrah

The poshest book you’ll read this year is also a charming account of a lost world.