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Newsweek EMEA Cover 25/07/2014
Bastian Schweinsteiger holding the World Cup

Welcome to the German Century

Its football team is the toast of the world, and Germany's political, cultural and environmental credentials suggest the future is striped black, red and yellow.
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Tragic Return

Tragic Return

Chiantla, Guatemala—Francisco Ramos is comforted by friends and family as he breaks down during the funeral for his teenage son Gilberto Francisco Ramos Juarez, who was found dead last June in the Rio Grande Valley of southern Texas, less than a mile from the U.S.-Mexico border. An autopsy revealed no signs of trauma, and authorities believe Ramos Juarez, 15, died of heatstroke after entering the United States. Among the few possessions found on the boy were a rosary and a belt on which he had scribbled the number of his brother in Chicago. Juarez headed north to earn money to pay for his mother's medicine, according to family members in Guatemala, where workers earn about $3.50 a day. “He left because of poverty,” said his uncle Catarino Ramos.
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Bigger Ships, Bigger Risks

Celebrations of the centenary of the Panama Canal have been marred by ugly stand-offs between the government and contractors
New World