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Tank Top

Tank Top

Uglegorsk, Ukraine - A pro-Russian rebel walks by a destroyed Ukrainian tank on February 7. After a week of fierce fighting with Ukrainian troops, Russian-backed separatists took control of this eastern city. January was one of the deadliest months for civilian casualties in the conflict, prompting debate in the U.S. government over sending weapons to Ukraine. “We are in absolute agreement that the 21st century cannot have us stand idle and allow the borders of Europe to be redrawn by the barrel of a gun," President Barack Obama said after meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Washington. Merkel and French President François Hollande launched a new drive for peace with a visit to Moscow, where they met with President Vladimir Putin.
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Sickness Unto Death

By fighting Obamacare, Republicans now risk the security of the nation, and the future of their party.
New World

Fur Will Fly

Exploding Kittens is bringing back cards while attracting $5 million in investment, setting a Kickstarter record.