Ad Hawk: Quick, Mitt, Hide the Windsurfing Photos

On Jan. 1, we notedsome eerie overlap between current Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his Democratic predecessor John Kerry. Both hail from the Bay State. Both speak French. Both grew up wealthy. Both lack the common touch. Both had fathers in government. And both are "rather robotic in person, with stentorian voices permanent stuck on the 'politician' setting."

Two weeks later, top McCain strategist Steve Schmidt added another similarity to the list: they're both "flip-floppers. "

Now the McCain camp is taking the Kerry analogy one step further--and it may be one step too far. That's right, ladies and gentlemen--they're breaking out the windsurfing (see ad above)."Where does Mitt Romney stand?" asks the voiceover. "Whichever way the wind blows." Kerry, you'll remember, was fond of the water sport, and Bush's opposition researchers soon seized on it as a devastating metaphor for his shifting positions, not to mention his effete, highfalutin ways. (Memo to Obama: buy a stock car.)  Which is why this spotworked so well, and why McCain's clone won't: Romney isn't a windsurfer. The whole metaphor thing kind of requires that your rival actually does the activity in question (see: owning a ranch.) So despite the magic of PhotoShop--or perhaps because of it--the new ad looks painfully forced. 

Back to the drawing board, guys. There's got to be footage of Romney in a robot suit somewhere out there.