Air America Tanks, Conservatives Cheer

Air America and Camelot snuffed out in the same week!” Mark Krikorian writes in the The National Review’s blog The Corner. “So maybe the work does not go on, the cause does not endure, the hope does not live, and the dream really can die.”

It was supposed to be the progressive and provocative answer to Rush Limbaugh, but instead Air America is declaring bankruptcy and Rush is going strong. While Air America gave rise to Rachel Maddow and helped brand Democratic Senator Al Franken, it failed during its six years to become a recognized and leading brand, and will stop airing later this month.

Dana Loesch, writing for the new conservative site Big Journalism wonders whether anyone but Franken or Maddow will notice. “Air America announced today, with little fanfare, that it is ceasing operations and filing for bankruptcy, citing “tough economic times” as the reason. Quite honestly, I’m shocked that they didn’t blame Bush. Or global warming.

It’s not the economy, stupid.

Talk radio continues to thrive and do exceptionally well – in the conservative market. There is a reason for this, and it has nothing to do with unfairness but everything to do with the free market.”

Other conservatives, like Michelle Malkin, joined in the fun at the Air America’s demise, wondering if this might mean progressive media will ask for a handout. “Sen. Franken hasn’t lobbied for a bailout, as far as we know. But don’t breath a sigh of relief yet. They’re still swinging the Fairness Doctrine noose. When they can’t compete in the marketplace, the Left will use the power of government to squash their competitors.”

One thing is for certain—with the  victory Massachusetts, the coming free-for-all in campaign financing and the sinking of Air America, this has been a great week for conservatives, and conservative media. Will any other outlet attempt to fill the void left by Air America, a void which was around long before it announced bankruptcy? Hard to hear any answers, what with all the whooping and back-slapping in the conservative media these days.