Hit and Missile

In Yemen, Tehran-backed rebels have secretly struck Saudi Arabia dozens of times with long-range missiles—yet another sign that Iran is winning the proxy war over the Middle East.

Mueller May Be Crossing Trump’s Red Line

The special counsel's request suggests, for the first time, that he's looking into whether Russian money laundering fostered the Trump Organization’s growth and development.

When White People Riot: GOP Tax Reform

There’s a smash-and-grab underway in broad daylight, and it’s not at the Quikmart in Ferguson or Tom's Liquor at Normandie and Florence in L.A. It's in Washington.

The Ugly Truth About Predatory Behavior by Unseemly Men

From Roger Ailes to Harvey Weinstein, Louis C.K. to Roy Moore and, yes, even Senator Al Franken, what we are looking at is a type of stunted boy/man whose outward bluster and surface machismo belie their root insecurity and impotence.
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Is Fox News Ditching Roy Moore?

Roy Moore could not definitively say that he'd never dated teenaged girls as a grown man. That had a Fox News panel calling for his campaign to end.
Vantage Diversity Intro2

Achieving Results: Diversity & Inclusion Actions

The need for more diverse and inclusive organizations is broadly accepted today. Seven in ten respondents to a survey conducted for this Newsweek report say the topic is clearly visible on the strategy of their organization. Download the full report to learn more.

Does Trump Really Respect the Military?

Trump supposedly has great reverence for the military, but some of his statements seem to indicate a lack of compassion for the sacrifices made by fighting men and women.