Up and Coming: Casey Affleck

It's been a while since anyone cared about an Affleck movie. But that'll change now that Casey, Ben's kid brother, is starring in two big films: "The Assassination of Jesse James" and "Gone Baby Gone" (directed by Ben). He spoke to Ramin Setoodeh.

Have you done an interview yet where you weren ' t asked about Ben?
I just feel like, out of respect, I try not to talk about Ben all that much. Obviously, I haven't done a lot of press. But for some reason right now, people are being snarky and mean about my brother. I don't like it. I don't want to indulge it in any way, so I think it's better for him not to be a topic.

Do you write screenplays, too?
A little bit. I just sold an animated script to Warner Bros. called "Aardvark Art's Ark." It's about an aardvark named Art who builds an ark for the oddball animals Noah left behind. You know, Noah only takes—well, I'm sure you're familiar with that story. It's a best seller.

What ' s Christmas like with the Afflecks?
My mom schedules it like a press junket. You have 15 minutes here. Then we're going to my aunt's place and eat her food. It's exhausting. But the last couple years I did Christmas at my house.

Ben comes to you?
Not always. We trade off Thanksgiving and Christmas. We don't overload one person with all the cooking and cleaning.

What do you make?
Toast. I can also make a dish called gruel. I find what's available and put it in a pot.