Are We There Yet?

On July 12, a dozen or so anti-war protesters from the Chicago-based Voices for Creative Non-Violence set off on a 500-mile trek to the convention. They've been walking 12 miles a day, meeting with local peace groups at night. Newsweek's Sarah Kliff caught up with Dan Pearson, the march's organizer, a just before their arrival in the Twin Cities:

Newsweek: What are you protesting?
Pearson: As we're coming into an election season, Iraq seems to be disappearing from the headlines but there's still a refugee and humanitarian crisis. We're calling for specific things like the full reconstruction of Iraq and the highest quality healthcare for vets who return.

How does walking to the RNC get that message across?
Walking is a very good way to reach out to regular people. People approach us and have discussions. Also, we think it's pretty powerful to show that we're willing to modify our own lifestyle in order to create a world that we'd rather see.

What's been your most interesting stop?
As we were coming through the Fort McCoy military reservation [in Wisconsin], many of the soldiers who we walked past were waving at us, giving us thumbs up and peace signs. That was really encouraging.

You've been walking for nearly two months. Do your feet hurt?
My feet feel great, but I do have some serious holes in my shoes. But after a week or so, you kind of get into a groove.