Armie Hammer's 5 Favorite History Blockbusters

Armie Hammer
Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Apocalypse Now

'The best war movie that I've ever seen. It feels visceral. You can sense that everyone there knew it was getting a little nuts. As a civilian, I feel like that's the closest you actually get to feeling the craziness of battle.'

Cool Hand Luke

“It’s so innovative and had such a big impact. There’s one shot where they’re trying to build tension, and the end of the scene is the camera slowly creeping toward a big industrial fan, and it’s getting louder and louder and you think you’re going into it. They don’t use those devices now in modern movies.”


“One of my favorite Westerns. I thought it was really self-aware of Clint Eastwood to play the character like he did; he was those tough-guy characters, but he’s grown up now. This is the movie where Clint’s style really gelled perfectly with the material and the tone. It’s one of his best, if not his best, movie in my opinion.”

Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid

“Paul Newman is the man. It was great to see bad guys that were good guys that you had no problem rooting for, and when they go to Bolivia, you go there with them. And I think DPs refer to something called ‘a Redford exit’ where, as he walks out of the scene, he turns around and catches the light perfectly one last time.”

The Alamo

“This film is one of the ways they subliminally ‘encourage’ Texans to grow up like Texans. Seriously, every weekend we would go to someone’s house, build a fort in the living room, pull out our fake rifles, watch The Alamo with John Wayne, and try to kill the bad guys.”