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Kimmel Goes After Cassidy Again

The late-night comedian devoted a third night this week to his criticism of the latest Republican effort to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.
Sean Spicer on Jimmy Kimmel

Sean Spicer's Sham Apologies

As the former White House press secretary takes off on his image rehabilitation tour, it seems that his remorse, which should be galactic in size, is limited to his statement about Trump’s “historic” inauguration.
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Donald Trump Slept Here—and So Did I

“In this bedroom,” the sign says in calligraphic font, “President Donald J. Trump was likely conceived, by his parents, Fred and Mary Trump. The world has never been the same.”
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Trump Election Manifesto No Longer Holds Up

When it was published, the "Flight 93 Election" essay published on the Claremont Review of Books website was the most sound argument to vote for Trump. It has not stood the test of time.
8-30-17 Hurricane Harvey flooding

Activist Linda Sarsour Attacked for Trying to Help

Even by the hair-trigger standards of what’s considered offensive on social media, the tweet sent by activist Linda Sarsour on Monday evening was benign, a plea for her 231,000 followers to donate to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.