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  • romano-cu0334-masters-main-tease

    TV’s Sexual Awakening

    ‘Masters of Sex’ proves its seriousness by aiming beyond titillation.
    European Edition Version
  • nm-nm0132-ari-taymor-romano

    The Next Food Frontier

    Welcome to Alma, the most famous unknown restaurant in America.
    European Edition Version
  • nm-nm0431-cory-booker-romano

    The Bachelor

    Could Cory Booker be elected president without getting married?
    European Edition Version
  • nm-nm0420-romano-eric-garcetti

    Talk, Now Walk?

    Eric Garcetti, L.A.’s new mayor, knows how to send signals. Will he know how to govern?
    European Edition Version
  • nm-nm0129-romano-thebutler-tease

    Casting the Commander in Chief

    For his new movie, Lee Daniels took an unconventional approach when choosing the actors to play a succession of presidents.
    European Edition Version
  • romano architecture

    Trading Modernist for McMansion

    Los Angeles’s architectural gems are being endangered by a hot real estate market—and a decidedly Beverly Hills aesthetic.
    European Edition Version
  • Web Immortality opener

    You Can Live Forever

    Is immortality plausible? Or is it quack science?
    European Edition Version
  • romano-cu0524-rubin-main-tease

    You Listen to This Man Every Day

    Rick Rubin got Black Sabbath to return to its roots. He crashed Kanye’s new album in 15 days. From Def Jam to Adele, the hit-maker gets intimate about his last 30 years—and how he’s about to make history.
    European Edition Version
  • romano-cu0222-distillery-main-tease

    Monkeying With the Barrels

    Chickpeas in your bourbon? Buffalo Trace wants to improve tradition—by messing with it.
    European Edition Version
  • romano-cu0120-war_games-main-tease

    When Children Play At War

    Through the decades, the toys that bring the battle home.
    European Edition Version
  • Romano-fe0419-tornado-main-tease

    When The Sirens Wailed

    Thirty-six tornado warnings rang out through Moore, Oklahoma. Within 16 minutes, the twister touched down. Within an hour, the town was destroyed.
    European Edition Version
  • romano-FE04-castro-main-tease

    Viva Castro!

    Running for reelection as mayor and eyeing Obama’s path.
  • sandy-bounty-NB01-main-tease

    At Sea With Sandy

    A Coast Guard rescue swimmer dove into house-sized waves to save crew members from the sinking HMS Bounty.
  • sherrod-brown-fe03

    The Hunted Democrats

    Super-PAC money cut his lead in half. Why Sherrod Brown is running scared.
  • Hope Solo

    “It Takes a Lot to Rattle Me”

    She lost her dad, had surgery, and tested positive for a banned substance. How Hope Solo survived—and put U.S. women's soccer in position to bring home gold.
  • newsroom-om02

    Broken News

    Aaron Sorkin’s chatty idealists invade cable TV.
  • Beach Boys

    The Beach Boys’ Crazy Summer

    He heard voices, did drugs and fell apart. Can the band’s reunion tour help put Brian Wilson back together again?
  • susanna-martinez-fe03-romano

    The Boldest Veep Pick

    Why the country’s first Latina governor might be Mitt’s best veep pick.
  • crime-nb30-romano-main-tease

    Criminal Bedfellows

    The odd alliance changing the way we think about crime.
  • GOP debate

    Survivor, Republican Style

    The GOP’s royalty hates the party’s many debates. They’re wrong. Why the party desperately needs them.
  • Obama re-election campaign office

    Inside the Obama Machine

    Team Obama has quietly built a juggernaut reelection machine in Chicago. Andrew Romano goes inside.