Anna Nemtsova

Stories by Anna Nemtsova

  • Betrayed Russian Soldiers

    'I Had No Idea We Were to Go to Ukraine'

    In this extraordinary report, anger at how they were duped into fighting has led a few courageous Russian soldiers to speak out
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  • 1-3-13_Abkhazia1

    Cinderella Nation

    With the Winter Olympics on its doorstep, Abkhazia has been shut out in the cold
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  • 11-29-2013_DL0543_Russia_02

    Russia: One Big Detroit

    In Siberia, Stalin’s heavy industries are going bust, leaving a trail of anger and despair
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  • Newsmaker Putin

    The New Mrs. Putin?

    After the Russian president and his wife announced their divorce last week, signs point to a growing role for Putin’s rumored mistress.
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  • nemtsova-nb20-georgia-main-tease

    Georgia on Their Minds

    A charismatic president and a billionaire prime minister fight for the country’s soul.
  • nemtsova-NB20-bolshoi-dir-filin-main-tease

    ‘War’ at the Bolshoi

    The Russian dance company's artistic director has his theories for who burned him in a horrific acid attack.
  • siberia-end-times-cult-OV01-main

    Inside Russia's End-Time Cults

    Cupping candles in their hands, wrapped in white silk and knit robes, nearly 3,000 people knelt on the snow in the middle of the Siberian woods. Tall pine trees served as the walls of their church; the stage for their chorus was carved out of ice. Fluffy snowflakes landed on their heads as they sang their prayers: “God, illuminate our souls with your light, warm up our souls.” The next moment, silence fell over the forest as a bearded, chubby man in long white robes emerged at the top of a hill. His followers call him the Vissarion Christ, or just Teacher; they pray to his portraits and celebrate his birthday, Jan. 14, as their Christmas. And they obey his every instruction, living in expectation of the apocalypse he has predicted.
  • Natalya Pushkina

    Reviving Pushkin’s Muse

    The Russian poet’s wife Natalya Goncharova gets a modern makeover. By Anna Nemtsova.
  • Putin

    The Putin Doctrine

    Russia’s president flexes his muscle at home and abroad.
  • belarus-lukashenko-OVCO04-main-tease

    A Dictator in Minsk

    Belarussian dissidents face an excruciating choice: jail or exile.
  • Maria Klimova

    Shrinking Siberia

    Why young people are fleeing Russia’s Far East.
  • silversmiths-ov10

    Of Silver and Swords

    An ancient tradition tries to survive in war-torn Dagestan.
  • viktor-ivanov-ovnb30

    Viktor Ivanov

    The Kremlin drug czar keeps waging an uphill fight.
  • stalin-wine-ov20

    Don’t Miss the Khvanchkara!

    Georgian wines—including Stalin’s favorite red—are making a comeback after a Russian embargo dried up business.
  • russian-protests-brothers-ovnb02

    Brothers In Arms

    Meet the family leading Russia’s opposition.
  • viktor-ivanov-tease

    Interview: Viktor Ivanov

    Russia’s top antinarcotics official, a former KGB officer and ally of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, speaks about why his country must help its southern neighbors fight drugs.
  • yulia-tymoshenko-trial-OVCO02

    Ukraine's Joan of Arc

    Yulia Tymoshenko isn’t afraid to be a martyr. She may soon get her chance.
  • Boris-NemtsovQA-hsmall

    Nemtsov: Protest Leads to Lockup

    A leader of the People’s Freedom Party elicited the Kremlin’s scorn, and a New Year’s jail sentence.
  • Protesters Cry Shame, but Verdict No Surprise

    Angry protests underscored that even after 22 months of hearings, not many in Russia understood how prosecutors could accuse Mikhail Khodorkovsky and his codefendant of stealing billions of dollars' worth of oil from their own company.
  • russia-ivanov-hsmall

    Beefing Up the Russia-China Connection

    America’s coming withdrawal from Afghanistan will leave a large power vacuum in Central Asia—one that both Russia and China are keen to fill. China has the overwhelming economic clout, while Russia has the longstanding political and cultural ties to its former empire.
  • Ramzan Kadyrov Talks About Chechnya's Future

    In 2004, Chechnya’s president, Ahkmad Kadyrov, the face of the Kremlin Chechenization project, was assassinated and his son Ramzan took power. Ramzan went much further than his father: human-rights groups have accused him of ordering torture, abductions, and killings, both inside Chechnya and on dissidents abroad. At the same time he has brought a brutal peace to his troubled republic, introducing morality police and strict Islamic dress codes. Kadyrov spoke to NEWSWEEK’s Anna Nemtsova at his heavily fortified residence in Gudermes:
  • russia-warlord-fe03-artlede

    How Moscow's War on Islamist Rebels Is Backfiring

    The video shows a gun barrel jutting from the rear window of a shiny black Lada sedan as it cruises slowly down Putin Prospect, a new boulevard of designer shops in the Chechen capital, Grozny. Spotting a pair of young women in long skirts but without headscarves, the vehicle’s occupants open fire.