Barbara Kantrowitz

Stories by Barbara Kantrowitz

  • Implants and Your Health

    What you need to know about getting breast implants: the pros, the cons and the long-term consequences.
  • Going Down the Tubes?

    As the Bear Stearns meltdown made front-page news in Britain last week, London bankers worried Wall Street's chaos could spread across the pond. And with good reason: bankers and regulators are still feeling the fallout of their own recent crisis of confidence.Last fall, after reports of liquidity problems at Newcastle-based Northern Rock, anxious account holders led the first run on a British bank since 1866. The lines lasted only a few days, but in that time, consumers reportedly withdrew billions in deposits from branches of Northern Rock, Britain's fifth largest mortgage lender. Offers from potential rescuers—including Virgin's Sir Richard Branson—were ultimately rejected by the government, which nationalized Northern Rock in February. Last week the Financial Services Authority (FSA), the United Kingdom's financial regulator, issued a report taking the blame for not spotting Northern Rock's problems sooner.Now there are signs that the FSA may be adopting a more aggressive policy...
  • The Delivery Debate

    Why deciding how and where to have a baby is more confusing than ever.
  • Estrogen Therapy: A New Alert

    A new study finds even short-term use of a menopausal therapy may increase the risk of breast cancer.
  • The New Generation Gap

    The daughters of immigrants often make career choices their moms don't understand.
  • Her Body: Women and Weight

    Surprising new findings on how our perceptions of our bodies affect our desire to shed pounds.
  • How to Beat Bunions

    Surgery isn't the only option for dealing with the unsightly bumps. A guide to easing the pain of this mostly female foot problem.
  • Woman Astronomer on Her Career

    Astronomer Heidi Hammel keeps her eyes on the skies, where the universe is always full of surprises.
  • Treating Women with HIV

    Women make up a growing percentage of new cases, so why are so many doctors still treating it like it's only a male disease?
  • Her Body: An Unnecessary Tragedy

    Good prenatal care has made eclampsia rare in the United States, but it still kills thousands of pregnant women in developing countries.
  • A Mission Of Her Own

    Gynecologist Hilda Hutcherson is fighting to help women combat the constant pressure to be perfect.
  • Lessons From Powerful Women in History

    Americans could elect our first female president in 2008. What the most powerful women of the past can teach us about how to rule in the future.
  • The Curse Of Success

    Writing a best seller is hard. But writing the next book is no picnic either. Just ask Patchett and Sebold.