Barbie Latza

Stories by Barbie Latza Nadeau

  • nm-nm0631-toni-servillo-nadeau

    The Italian Idol

    Forget about age, baldness, or any lines on his face—actor Toni Servillo is adored, admired, and desired.
    European Edition Version
  • nm-nm0229-nadeau-monalisa-tease

    A Certain Smile

    Archeologists are trying to finally identify the real-life Mona Lisa by exhuming skeletal remains and DNA testing.
    European Edition Version
  • nm-nm0428-nadeau-marina-berlusconi-tease

    Like father ...

    Will Silvio Berlusconi’s daughter take up his mantle?
    European Edition Version
  • nm-nadeau-nm0427-pope-tease

    A Reformer in Rome

    Pope Francis appears serious about changing the Vatican, but a scandal looms.
    European Edition Version
  • nm-nm0326-nadeau-greece-tease

    The Road to Greekovery

    Antonis Samaras is optimistic about Greece. But many of his countrymen aren’t buying it.
    European Edition Version
  • Nadeau-nm0424-Italy-tease

    Bunga Bunga Justice

    Conviction but likely no prison for Berlusconi.
    European Edition Version
  • nadeau-NB2-knox-kercher-trial-embed-01

    A Mother in Limbo

    A new Amanda Knox trial means mixed emotions for the victim’s mother.
  • nadeau-nb5110-chapel-tease

    Pristine Sistine

    Visitors to Michelangelo’s masterpiece get a spiritual cleansing.
  • nadeau-nb2009-notebook-tease

    Che Casino!

    (That’s Italian for ‘what a mess!’)
  • nadeau-co0408-italian-elections-main-tease

    Send in the Clowns

    The Italian election—once more the theater of the absurd.
  • 100-perfect-places-ov01-tease-alt

    10 Rustic Rome Spots

    Descend into history at the Basilica of San Clemente and enjoy the best coffee in the city.
  • Economic Suicides in Italy

    Debt Most Deadly

    Recession and austerity fuel suicide in Italy—and the collection agency is exacerbating the situation.
  • Lapo Elkann

    Italian Stallion, Inc.

    Playboy industrialist Lapo Elkann vows to rehabilitate Italy's image—just as he did his own.
  • berlusconi-OVCO04

    Not Just Any Old Charlatan

    Silvio Berlusconi embodies Italy’s greatest weaknesses and its worst instincts.
  • italy-moguls-fe02-Nadeau

    Italy’s Luxury Bailout

    With its economy in tatters, Italy was unable to preserve its cultural heritage—until the moguls arrived.
  • immigration-lampedusa-italy-slah


    They are the new ‘boat people’— migrants and refugees forced to flee for Europe from Africa. Many have died making the journey.
  • italy-riots-beating

    Berlusconi Wins Confidence Vote While Rome Burns

    Italy’s 74-year-old prime minister narrowly won back-to-back confidence votes in the Senate and lower house of Parliament amid shouts of “coward” and a barrage of insults lobbed at him from opposition lawmakers as they cast their votes, and as students and anarchists rioted outside.
  • Silvio-Berlusconi-wide

    Berlusconi's Waterloo

    The prime minister says he is confident he has enough votes to stay in power, but by any measure he will not have enough to effectively govern Italy. It may simply be time for him to step aside and let someone else try to lead the country.