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Stories by Benny Avni

  • RTR3N0HX

    I Shall Return

    By sending troops back to the Philippines, Obama is maintaining a delicate balancing act between the Asian powers
  • 4.25_PG0517_syria-2

    Pick Your Poison

    Syria is helping destroy its banned chemical weapons, but may be using chlorine and tear gas on the rebels
    European Edition Version
  • 4.18_PG0416_Israel_PA_01

    Peace Out

    Here’s who’s waiting in the wings as the latest Israeli-Palestinian talks falter
    European Edition Version
  • twitter

    Turkey Stuffed Twitter

    Turkey may have relented on its Twitter ban this time, but the social media wars aren’t over
  • 4.04_KoreaJapan

    Cold Comfort Neighbors

    Ancient differences between Korea and Japan are frustrating Obama’s plans for the region
    European Edition Version
  • 3.14_PG0411_Saudi_01

    And We’ll Never Be Royals

    The Iran nuclear deal and the Syrian civil war will dominate Obama’s visit
    European Edition Version
  • Venezuela protest

    When in Doubt, Freak Out

    With protests spreading, Venezuela’s rookie strongman tries to be a bit more like Chavez
  • 2.21_DL0508_ChinaTaiwan

    China Forgives and Forgets

    Why is China suddenly cozying up to its nemesis? Are they preparing for war?
    European Edition Version
  • 2.14_DL0607_Hollande

    Obama's French Kiss

    After exchanging insults for years, the two countries bury their differences as the two presidents cling to each other for reassurance
    European Edition Version
  • 1.31_DL0105_Egypt

    Arab Spring in Tatters

    The running battle in Cairo between the army, pro-democracy forces and Islamists prompts nary a mention in the U.S.
    European Edition Version
  • 1.17_DL0103_Syria1

    Anyone for Peace Talks?

    The latest Syrian civil war summit is a mess. Even the guest list is up for grabs
    European Edition Version
  • Sharon

    The Thing About Arik

    Ariel Sharon was bold, brave, creative, politically astute -- and self-destructive.
  • 1-3-13_DL0101_TwoNations_01

    Trading Places

    Turkey and Mexico are moving in opposite directions
    European Edition Version
  • Kerry

    Kerry’s Three-Card Trick

    Juggling Iran nukes, Syrian poison gas and the Palestinian-Israeli dispute may prove too much
    European Edition Version
  • 12/13/2013_Downloads_Mexico

    Mexico’s New Oil Rush

    Unless Mexico invites in foreign oil investors soon, a country with the world’s second-largest untapped crude reserves could become a net energy importer
    European Edition Version
  • 12-6-13_DL0144_Syria

    Assad’s Poison Pill

    To destroy Syria’s chemical weapons, the U.N. needs the autocrat to stick around and help
    European Edition Version