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    Turn On The Lights—Please

    A message from Bjørn Lomborg to organizers of the Rio+20 environmental summit: poverty pollutes.
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    How to Save the Planet

    How we live today is clearly unsustainable. Why history proves that is completely irrelevant.

    Global warming gets more scary by the minute. the European Union calls it "one of the most threatening issues that we are facing today." Britain's chief scientist considers it "more serious even than the threat of terrorism." His boss, Tony Blair, sees it as "the single most important issue," and plans to use his dual EU and G8 presidency next year to make the battle against global warming the industrial world's top priority. This message will resound at the U.N. climate-change summit starting this week in Buenos Aires: strong action, built around the Kyoto Protocol, is not only urgent. It is the moral test of our time.This is a counterproductive exaggeration. Global warming is happening and is very important, no question, but its negative impacts are vastly overblown. Headlines warn of intense hurricanes and a deluging ocean, the Gulf Stream's shutting down, megadroughts and famine, ending in the extinction of the human race, or its confinement to Antarctica. This is fiction, the...