Brian Ries

Stories by Brian Ries

  • 071013-Ries-nm0425-Candy-tease

    Crazy for Candy Crush

    The app you won’t be able to turn off.
    European Edition Version
  • Ries-nm0724-Google-tease-revise2

    I, Google, Poet

    Machine-generated lyricism finds fans on Facebook.
    European Edition Version
  • ries-cu0522-cronuts-main-tease

    Dunkin’ Cronuts

    How one pastry is driving a city crazy.
    European Edition Version
  • 130522-ries-nm0419-bike-apps-tease

    Pedal Power

    New cycling apps aim to boost your speed—by making your pace public.
    European Edition Version
  • 130515-ries-nm0218-headband-tease

    Meet The Melon

    What a talking headband can tell you about your brain.
    European Edition Version
  • reis-nb7017-tech-tease

    Clearing the Clutter

    A new app does the dirty work of vacuuming spam from your inbox.
  • ries-NB57-snake-airline-tease

    Hooking Up the Mile-High Club

    You got bumped? Richard Branson tests a virtual in-flight pickup line. By Brian Ries in Newsweek.
  • Virtual Reality

    My Oculus Rift Demo

    In Newsweek, Brian Ries tests the otherworldly 3-D experience of the forthcoming videogame headset.