Bruce Riedel

Stories by Bruce Riedel

  • al-qaeda-nb10

    A Stubborn Terror

    Eleven years later al Qaeda is still a threat.
  • al-awlaki-nb70

    Al Qaeda's Not Dead Yet

    The death of Anwar al-Awlaki is a setback. But his terror cell still has its leaders intact.
  • bin-laden-path-of-evil-2001-new-york

    How We Enabled Al Qaeda

    The U.S. made tactical, strategic, even geographical mistakes. Now is the moment to right the wrongs.
  • pakistan-book-OVNB02-wide

    A History of Distrust

    U.S. relations with Pakistan are at a low point. A new book provides some context.
  • reidel-next-fe08-wide

    Osama's Successor

    The New Mexico–born Anwar al-Awlaki, a Colorado State grad, seems best positioned to lead Al Qaeda’s response to the new Arab world order. He will doubtless play a bigger ideological role going forward.