Who Is Trent Franks?

“I have recently learned that the Ethics Committee is reviewing an inquiry regarding my discussion of surrogacy with two previous female subordinates, making each feel uncomfortable,” Franks said.

Under Trump’s Tax Plan, LGBT People Suffer

“This bill is a disaster for everyone really, but specifically for LGBT [people],” Christopher Stoll, a senior staff attorney at the National Center for Lesbian Rights, told Newsweek. “It will result in deep cuts in programs that LGBT people depend on.”

What Is The Alt-Right 'White Sharia' Movement?

"When I say we will have White Sharia in White Afghanistan [aka rural America] one day, it means that we will have an extreme tribal patriarchy in the ethnostate," Sacco Vandal, the originator of the white sharia meme, said.

Danica Roem on Roy Moore’s Anti-LGBT Views

“Just bottom line, when we have representation, comments like that are less likely to be made because the people who would make them aren’t in office anymore,” Roem told Newsweek of Moore’s anti-LGBT rhetoric.

Anti-LGBT Crimes In Russia Double

The banning resulted in an increase of sentences for crimes against LGBT people from 18 in 2010 to 65 in 2015. Out of the 250 hate crimes analyzed, murders accounted for almost 200 of them.