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    A New Brand of Terror

    Threats of low-level attacks on the U.S. are rising. By Christopher Dickey, Daniel Klaidman, and Eli Lake.
  • Water Wars

    The Big Think

    From wars for water to the first social network
  • Don McCullin Vietnam

    Life on the Front Lines

    After decades in the trenches, a Newsweek correspondent reflects on the perils of war. By Christopher Dickey
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    Lakhdar Brahimi

    The new United Nations envoy to Syria had the good sense to try to beg off. Former Algerian foreign minister and veteran U.N. troubleshooter Lakhdar Brahimi is 78 years old and has seen more than his share of war and peace, and then more wars again, in North Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia. He leads a pleasant life in Paris now, as a distinguished elder statesman on the global stage. One of his children, Rym Brahimi (the former CNN correspondent), is a princess in Jordan, and he’s an adoring grandfather. Brahimi himself is so genteel and so pleasant in social intercourse that any of us who’ve met him must wish him ease in his golden years.
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    Our Man In Syria?

    Who is Manaf Tlass and why do western and regional powers pin their hopes on him?
  • cornell-tech-fe01

    Silicon Island

    Will New York’s latest dream spawn the next Mark Zuckerberg?
  • Koolhaas

    The Next World Wonder

    When the Olympics hits the airwaves, Beijing will be broadcasting them from this new $900 million architectural masterpiece.
  • Denver International Airport

    Sky Cities

    Imagining the airport of the future as destination.
  • saudi-arabia-salman-bin-abdul-aziz-OVNB02

    A Game of Thrones

    Succession plans in Saudi Arabia give stability, for now.
  • ray-kelly-fe04

    Ray Kelly’s Wars

    The New YorkCity Police Commissioner is beating the enemy—if only the feds don't get in his way.
  • french-math-whiz-OV01-main

    The French Connection

    Their teacher tried to tell them they were headed for trouble, but high on risk and volatility, the Quants of France didn’t listen.
  • hitlerland-book-nagorski-OM02-main

    Tea Time with Hitler

    Andrew Nagorski's 'Hitlerland' is the story of the Americans who cavorted with the Nazis. Reviewed by Christopher Dickey.
  • al-assad-co01

    Asma Al-Assad

    ‘Life is not fair my friend.’ Emails show a new reality for Syria’s first lady. By Christopher Dickey.