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  • dsk-case-nb60

    How the DSK Case Unraveled

    The prosecutors saw the maid’s story falling apart. But does that mean Strauss-Kahn was innocent?
  • dsk-maid-nafissatou-diallo-FE01-wide

    The Maid’s Tale

    In an exclusive interview with Christopher Dickey and John Solomon, Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s accuser tells of the alleged rape.
  • books-civil-war-om03-dickey

    Union Jacked

    A new history shows how the British almost turned the tide in the Civil War.
  • air-travel-dickey-ov11

    Imagination in Flight

    Trailblazing design teams are taking passenger comfort to a whole different plane.
  • galliano-McNichol-fo02-wide

    The Galliano Dossier

    Fashion’s enfant terrible is about to have his day in court. What made him snap?
  • jihadists-arab-spring-OVCO01-wide

    Intelligence Test

    America’s spies have lost many of their most valued allies in the war against the jihadists.
  • DSK-ov06-wide

    Inside the NYPD's Special Victims Division

    How do you know who’s lying and who’s telling the truth about a rape? From no-name scoundrels to big-power suspects like Dominique Strauss-Kahn, these cops crack New York’s most shocking sex crimes.
  • hunt-osama-fe01-vl

    A Decade on the Lam

    How much longer will Al Qaeda survive? Just look at all it took to hunt down its leader.
  • sarkozy-ov04-hsmall

    Why Sarkozy Went to War

    My philosopher made me do it! France's president needed help taking down Gaddafi. He got it from the intellectual swashbuckler Bernard-Henri Lévy.
  • ‘Drinking From a Fire Hose’

    In times of trouble, Obama often looks to his predecessors for guidance. But amid such a pileup of disasters, crises, and wars, who’s the best model?
  • Gaddafi-ov01-vl

    How Gaddafi Friended Bush, Blair, and Berlusconi

    Before Libyans rose up against him, Muammar Gaddafi used money, and well-timed diplomatic overtures, to worm his way into the West’s good graces. How Bush, Blair, and Berlusconi gave the brutal dictator a makeover.
  • tunisia-immigrants-italy-OV03-hsmall

    When Strongmen Become Straw Men

    Western decision makers would be worried enough about what might emerge from massive popular revolts in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya, and from the simmering conflicts in Bahrain and Yemen, but they’re also contemplating the prospect that similar unrest could spread far outside the Arab world, from Azerbaijan to Zimbabwe.
  • portrait-mubaraks-ov01-mubarakalonewide

    The Tragedy of Hosni Mubarak

    The Egyptian president had ruled for decades. Then his grandson died, and the unraveling began.
  • egypt-pellegrin-SLAH

    Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood: How High Will It Rise?

    At least for the moment, the Brotherhood will remain an important player in the Arab world wherever it can participate in free and fair elections. Democracy is about organization, not the random will of the masses. The party that can get out the votes gets control of the government. But the Egyptians have known and watched the Brotherhood for a long time, and in an open, peaceful political system its mystique should soon disappear.
  • Lebanon-protests-hsmall

    Hizbullah Ruling From the Shadows

    If Hizbullah weren’t so smart, it wouldn’t be so dangerous. This Shiite militia, created by Iran and backed by Syria, has never had a problem using force, naturally. But now that it is in a position to govern—a position it got to through constitutional maneuvering—it’s not acting like the overbearing Party of God so much as an éminence grise.
  • tunisia-protest-tease

    Tunisia Riots: The Youth Revolution

    Riots have chased out the African nation's president, leaving the region's future in upheaval. Demographic shifts fomenting the Arab world's hunger for change.
  • nuke-nations-intro

    The Shadow War

    Someone is killing Iran’s nuclear scientists. But a computer worm may be the scarier threat.
  • wikileaks-01-vl

    WikiLeaks Documents Show How Strong U.S. Diplomacy Is

    The very essence of diplomacy between nations in the old days—maybe even yesterday—lay in knowing the difference between official communications, unofficial ones, and those that, being leaked, might be denied. All of these modes had their uses for signaling intent, saving face, or stepping back from a brink. And they still do, as the 250,000 U.S. State Department cables that have begun appearing on amply demonstrate.
  • tease-wikileaks-diplomatic-cables

    WikiLeaks and Fighting Words

    The document dump has begun. On Sunday afternoon we entered what is sure to be another week, or more, of WikiLeak wonderment. Hundreds of thousands of classified U.S. State Department cables will be dribbled out day after day in a handful of newspapers with titillating revelations about foreign affairs that make us all, in the felicitous phrase of The New York Times, “global voyeurs” looking at the inner workings of diplomacy.
  • somali-bomber-hsmall

    Spooking the Terrorists—and Ourselves

    The arrest of a young Somali-American allegedly plotting to blow up children and families in Oregon may tell us as much about the FBI as it does about Al Qaeda.
  • tsa-rules-tease

    Fliers Could Have Been Facing Much More Than Pat-Downs

    As you slog through security lines this holiday weekend, wondering if you should join the ranks of the anonymously naked observed by an unseen TSA agent or go eyeball to eyeball with one who pats you down, and pats you up, and pats sideways and roundabout with a little probing here and there—and there!—just remember it could have been so much worse.
  • is-obama-keeping-his-promises

    Better Angels and Killer Angels

    Obama should realize what Lincoln understood: that there may be better angels in the nature of some people, but there are others who are willing to weaken, even destroy a nation to serve their own self-righteous self-interest, and they will do it in the name of the Constitution.
  • dickey-yemen-mail-bombs-hsmall

    Mood Music for Terrorists

    There's such an uproar every time terrorists fail to carry out a serious attack on the United States, you have to ask what's going to happen if, or when, they finally succeed. The printer-cartridge parcel bombs discovered on their way to Chicago are just the latest example. In each case the American rabid right, much of the supine American press, and the terrorist propaganda machine acted as if the bad guys had scored big.
  • france-kahn-FE04-vl

    Could Dominique Strauss-Kahn Run France?

    Dominique Strauss-Kahn is on top of the world right now, but maybe that’s not where he really wants to be. Almost by default, the managing director of the International Monetary Fund keeps accruing power in the midst of crisis.
  • wikileaks-dickey-bad-guys-hsmall

    Extremists in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and the U.S. Exploit WikiLeaks Documents

    Reading the WikiLeaks documents on Iranian support for attacks in Iraq, even an arrant pacifist would have to wonder just how much provocation is necessary before the United States decides to strike back with a vengeance. Extensive reports in the Iraq war logs describe the Iranian role working with members of Lebanon's Hizbullah to train Iraqi guerrillas to ambush American soldiers.
  • dickey-americans-inward-vl

    Americans Grow Apathetic Over Foreign Policy

    Americans have forgotten the rest of the world. Nothing could make that clearer than the candidates running for election to the U.S. Congress and the Senate right now. If you watch the campaign ads, listen to the debates or the candidates themselves, Afghanistan barely figures, Iraq is history, the Middle East peace process a yawn.
  • faisal-shahzad

    Time To Worry

    After nearly a decade, the men and women fighting off terrorist attacks on the homeland are tired and worried. Take a recent breakfast I had with an old friend: I'd asked him why all the alerts and warnings of late (including the one reaffirmed on Thursday by the State Department) have centered on Europe. Not the United States? "Because we're missing something," he said as we waited for our coffee in a diner last week. "Because we're blind."
  • osama-bin-laden-the-elusive-mastermind-of-the-911-terrorist-attacks

    Why Bin Laden Isn't on Twitter

    The recent State Department “travel alert” for Europe proves once again that Osama bin Laden can rely on his enemies to help spread his message of fear and hate.
  • ground-zero-mosque-tease

    Eat, Pray, Hate

    The threat to burn Qurans in Florida is a perfect example of the way America’s own Christian Taliban are creating, promoting, and exploiting our national paranoia.
  • dickey-ireland-terrorist-wide.jpg

    What an Irish Terrorist Teaches Us About Tolerance

    The terrorist history of a Catholic priest in Northern Ireland—and the magnanimous reaction of his victims—ought to serve as a lesson about how to overcome bigotry. It's particularly instructive in light of the so-called Ground Zero mosque.