Christopher Dickey

Stories by Christopher Dickey

  • Dickey: Saakashvili and the Dangers of Defiance

    The Russia-Georgia conflict is yet another example of why a leader caught up in the romance of resistance should not rely on Washington. What Saakashvili should have learned from history--and the American South.
  • Wasting Water In Dubai

    Dubai's ecology may be a work of genius or insanity, but it's nothing if not artificial.
  • Drawing The French Battle Lines

    Nicolas Sarkozy's radical overhaul of his nation's military could resurrect its role as a global player.
  • Very French Delights

    What could be more luxurious than a glass of rosé, Stan Smith sneakers or a pocketknife?
  • Taking Out the Trash

    If Silvio Berlusconi and Walter Veltroni came together they just might be able to save Italy.
  • Christian Provocateurs and Muslim Moderation

    Have you noticed that Europe is issuing new provocations to Islam, and that Muslims are reacting so far with calm? Dutch politician Geert Wilders is promoting a film he says will prove his belief that "Islamic ideology is a retarded, dangerous one." A Danish newspaper republished one of the caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad last month, after the arrest of a man purported to be plotting to kill the cartoonist. Most troubling was the pope's decision to baptize the Egyptian journalist Magdi Allam in St. Peter's on the night before Easter, thus converting a famously self-hating Muslim into a self-loving Christian in the most high-profile setting possible.Yet so far the main reaction to the pope was dismay from the 138 Muslim scholars of the new Roman Catholic-Muslim forum for dialogue, who said the "spectacle" of Allam's baptism, "with its choreography, persona and messages, provokes genuine questions about the motives ... and plans of some of the pope's advisers on Islam."There are...
  • Muslims Turning a Page on Rage?

    Despite recent provocations against Islam in the West, many Muslims seem weary of the same old tit for tat.
  • Dickey: McCain Is Wrong on Iraq

    McCain is running on 'success' in Iraq, but as the Pentagon warns, and a new study makes clear, it's not nearly that simple.
  • Dickey: Terror’s Real Frontline

    America still faces clear and present dangers. So why are the presidential debates about national security increasingly detached from reality?
  • Don't Blame America

    Don't blame America. Cultural remix has been around since Roman times. It just happens a lot faster today.
  • Dickey: Untruths About Immigrants

    The spittle-flecked rage over foreigners in America misses the point. Here's the real issue presidential candidates should address.
  • Let Them Eat Cake

    Food inflation used to be a problem for poor countries. Now the French are feeling the pinch.
  • Dickey: At Last, Reason on Iran

    At last, intel agencies seem to be on the right track about Iran's nuke program. Inside the latest assessment.