Christopher Elliott

Stories by Christopher Elliott

  • elliot-nb5107-airline-merger-main-tease

    Winging It

    When airlines merge, who wins?
  • consumer-scams-elliott-nb60-main

    2012’s Worst Scams

    Last year people lost billions to identity theft and deceptive debt collection.
  • airline-costs-ovnb50

    The Hidden Costs Of Flying

    Checking luggage? Requesting a seat? As airlines pile on the fees, Christopher Elliott reports on the push for more transparent ticket prices.
  • dollar-dumb-finance-nb52

    Dollar Dumb

    America’s financial illiteracy.
  • flight-nb50-elliot

    Take Flight

    Why you should give air miles a wide berth.
  • travel scams

    Worst Travel Scams

    The costliest rip-offs can come from legitimate businesses. Here's what to watch for.