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  • Q&A: Lomborg on Al Gore and Climate Change

    Bjorn Lomborg earned the wrath of many scientists by calling into question the direness of global warming.  Now, in this wide-ranging interview, find out why he claims that Al Gore is 'wildly exaggerating' about climate change and its effects.
  • Design: All Booked Up

    With summer-reading season shifting into high gear, serious literature lovers are facing a tough existential question: where to store all the books? Fortunately, designers are making bookshelves that are as arresting as they are useful.The clean, stately Aldgate Etagere bookcase from Ralph Lauren Home is a luxurious take on the ski lodge, blending modernism with the rugged outdoors (€10,021 or $15,523; ralph For lakeside appeal, the Spinnaker by Christophe Delcourt and Jérôme Gauthier for Roche Bobois is a whimsical, W-shaped unit made from oak and hand-stitched leather (€7,072 or $10,955; designer Werner Aisslinger has the answer to modern life's perpetual need for storage: the Endless Shelf for Porro is a bare-bones modular unit that grows with one's book collection (€6,596 or $10,217; set a playful, contemporary tone, Kast by Maarten Van Severen for Vitra is a colorful shelving unit with sliding doors made from a variety...
  • Correspondents’ Picks: Amsterdam

    The historic Dutch capital of Amsterdam still retains its Old World grandeur. Here's how to maximize your visit to one of Europe's most walkable cities.
  • Stemware: Taking Time To Breathe

    Oenophiles know that some wines need time to breathe to fully develop their bouquet and flavor. But busy connoisseurs don't always have the two hours-plus necessary for older wines to open up. Now, thanks to an innovative German stemware company, the impatient tippler need wait no longer. Eisch has developed an oxygenated glass that it claims can aerate wine in just two minutes, so a 1982 Bordeaux will reach its prime moments after being uncorked. The company isn't revealing the secrets of its special material, but a line of designs for whites, reds, sparkling wine and even hard liquor is now available ($28 each;
  • Blackberry Brings On The Bling

    A Blackberry may be a status symbol, but as the high-tech devices become ever more ubiquitous, users are increasingly looking for ways to make theirs stand out. Besides, although pretty resilient, the handhelds do have a nasty habit of sliding out of pockets and briefcases. So some top designers are creating luxury BlackBerry cases that protect in high style. For the pragmatic, Otter Box makes cases featuring durable rubber and polycarbonate that look cool and provide great cushioning ($100; Louis Vuitton has developed the Okapi Case GM, a spacious carrier made of the company's iconic Damier canvas ($420; www.louisvuitton. com). Just in time for Valentine's Day, Goldstriker International is unveiling a line of luxury leather and gold- or platinum-plated cases ($1,560; uk). For women, Violet May in London makes a stylish gold python-print BlackBerry purse, with a deep inner sleeve for the device, plus room for money, business cards and even a...
  • Four Hours In ... Udaipur

    This lakeside city of labyrinthine streets and temples is known as the most romantic city in Rajasthan, India's largest state. It rose to stardom as the setting for the 1983 James Bond film, "Octopussy." ...
  • Q&A: Sierra Leone’s President

    The president of Sierra Leone discusses his country's move from civil war to democracy, and from 'blood diamonds' to a business-friendly nation.
  • ‘Jerry Springer—The Opera’

    'Jerry Springer—The Opera' played in London for two years. Here it gets only two days. And maybe that's OK.
  • All It Needs Is A Popcorn Machine

    Now there's another reason to stay in the sack in the morning: beds with full-blown, built-in entertainment systems. The Luksus Scandinavian Style TV-Bed offers a concealed 66cm flat screen, which discreetly rises from inside the footboard and disappears when it's not needed ($11,658; The Elite, from Hollandia International, includes surround-sound and a bigger 81cm screen ($38,000; hollandia And the Starry Night bed will provide entertainment from dusk until dawn. The bed connects wirelessly to the Internet, and a screen projector mounted in the headboard allows viewers to watch their favorite movies from under the covers. If someone actually falls asleep, a built-in diagnostics system will record tossing and turning and provide feedback in the morning. Best of all, if the sensor detects snoring, it will adjust the offender's angle, allowing anyone else in the bed to get some shut-eye ($50,000;