Clair MacDougall

Stories by Clair MacDougall

  • nm-nm0134-charles-taylor

    Righteous Fury

    The American who prosecuted a notorious African war criminal for a decade.
    European Edition Version
  • ClairMacDougall-FE0328-LiberianGirlSoldier-Tease

    When Child Soldiers Grow Up

    A generation of girls fought in Liberia’s brutal wars. What they tell their own children about the past will inform the country’s future.
    European Edition Version

    Paging Dr. Nahim

    Sierra Leone is trying to heal its wounds in the aftermath of one of Africa’s most brutal civil wars—but there’s only one psychiatrist around to treat the nation’s trauma.
  • Liberia

    Life After A Warlord

    As Charles Taylor awaits sentencing, his ex-wife and Liberia are quietly moving on.