Clive Irving

Stories by Clive Irving

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    The Profumo Affair, Revisited

    Fifty years ago, summer 1963. London is swinging, and the old guard is barely holding on. And then the Profumo affair begins ...
  • boeing-FE02-main

    How Boeing Lost Its Way

    The Dreamliner is grounded. How a scrappy and innovative company lost its way.
  • NB52-dreamliner-fire-irving-main-tease

    Dreamliner’s Nightmare

    Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner is turning into a nightmare. Clive Irving reports.
  • boeing-FE04-main

    Is the Boeing 737 Aging Badly?

    Based on a 1960s design, America’s most popular airplane is prone to cracks. Clive Irving investigates.
  • bigred-fe0206c-Irving

    Big Red Passes the Buck

    Rebekah Brooks's testimony before Parliament describes a newsroom chain of command that other editors would not recognize.