Dahlia Lithwick

Stories by Dahlia Lithwick

  • Lithwick: The Vote Fraud Bogeyman

    Evidence suggests that rampant voter fraud is a myth, and voter-ID laws may suppress votes rather than protect them.
  • A Complicated Record On Race

    All sides of the affirmative-action debate think Barack Obama agrees with them. And he might.
  • Supremes to Hear Gun-Control Case

    The last time the court issued a major decision on the right to bear arms was in 1939, when criminals wore fedoras.
  • Hillary as Rorschach Test

    I'm a Rorschach test," Hillary Clinton said of herself, describing the ways Americans projected their own hopes, anxieties and fears about women onto her lightly padded shoulders. Having spent the past two months—dear God, has it been only two months?—bonking each other over the heads with our gender differences, race differences, income and education disparities, Clinton and Obama supporters may not have learned all that much about their candidates. But we sure do know a lot about ourselves.Democratic women now recognize all of the invisible fault lines between first-wave, second-wave and third-wave feminists, the post-feminists, the "shoulder pad" feminists, the Obama Girl feminists, the angry feminists and the medicated ones. Having turned the entire primary season into a protracted exercise in group therapy, we have explored, deconstructed and shared our collective way into a fog of gender enlightenment. Gloria Steinem has scolded us, Robin Morgan has disowned us, and "Saturday...