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  • facebook-co06-lyons-main

    Is Mark Zuckerberg Up to the Job?

    The Facebook CEO botched his company's IPO badly. Newsweek's Dan Lyons on the business challenges ahead—and why the kid genius may not be up for the task.
  • Do You Apple?

    Learning from Apple is Yahoo's only hope.
  • techspecs-nb50

    Tech Spec

    Silicon Valley is the new Las Vegas.
  • pinterest-nv50-lyons

    Photo Shop

    Will Pinterest be Silicon Valley’s next big hit?
  • nb50-tech-lyons

    Cash Cloud

    Forget Facebook: Workday may be Silicon Valley’s next big IPO.
  • snake-rip-rim-nb50-lyons

    R.I.P. RIM?

    The BlackBerry’s future lies in the hands of a new CEO.
  • The Annoying Orange

    The Most Annoying TV Show Ever

    Coming soon to cable: an unbearable cartoon about talking fruit. Kids love it. Parents hate it. Meet the two dudes who’ve made millions driving you crazy.
  • If Facebook Goes Public

    The $100 Billion Bet

    Facebook reportedly plans to go public next year. Here's what it will mean for the major players.
  • super-computers-fe04-lyons

    Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.

    For years, the U.S. had the best and biggest supercomputers. Until China got in the game.
  • steve-jobs-influence-wozniak

    Garage Band

    Steve Wozniak built a motherboard. Steve Jobs built a business. The seeds of Apple’s triumph.
  • Marc-Andreessen-nb40-lyons

    Tech Bubble? Not Anymore

    Venture capitalists thought they would soon be cashing in as a new crop of tech stocks went public.