Daniel Gross

Stories by Daniel Gross

  • nm-nm0634-blackberry-gross

    Hometown Helper

    BlackBerry was in trouble—and then Fairfax Holdings stepped in.
    European Edition Version
  • nm-nm0533-janet-yellen-gross

    The Money’s on Her

    At the Fed, Summers is out. Is Yellen in?
    European Edition Version
  • nm-nm0629-carlicahn-tease

    Money Man With Moxie

    Who can? Icahn. The septuagenarian investor has deep pockets and a pugnacious streak.
    European Edition Version
  • nm-nm0528-gross-jurgen-klinsmann-tease

    Goal Oriented

    How a German coach revived American men’s soccer.
    European Edition Version
  • nm-gross-nm0527-loeb-tease

    Pulling up Stakes

    Dan Loeb turned Yahoo around—then turned himself a nice profit.
    European Edition Version
  • nm-gross-mm0426-allison-tease

    The Good Banker

    Herbert Allison defied Wall Street stereotypes.
    European Edition Version
  • 071013-Gross-nm0625-Gold-tease

    Gold Loses its Luster

    Wall Street got hot for the precious metal, then everything dimmed.
    European Edition Version
  • Gross-nm0623-Homeowner-tease

    Happy Days are Here Again

    The prophets of American economic decline revise their thinking.
    European Edition Version
  • Gross-Fe0322-Yogurt-tease

    It’s All Greek to Him

    Five years ago, Chobani didn’t exist. Now it’s a billion-dollar business. How the son of a small-town shepherd made good.
    European Edition Version
  • gross-nm0819-apple-main-tease

    Offshore Grilling

    CEOS pursue lower taxes and then—surprise!—the public gets mad.
    European Edition Version
  • gross-CO01-apple-earnings-main-tease

    Bad Apple?

    The company may just show us everything wrong with American business.
  • gross-nb3007-einhorn-main-tease

    David Einhorn

    An outraged hedge funder bites into Apple.
  • NB20-esther-duflo-person-of-interest-main-tease

    Esther Duflo

    Esther Duflo is pioneering a new form of development economics. Daniel Gross reports.
  • Mark Carney

    Mark Carney

    A Canadian takes the helm at the Bank of England.
  • Twinkies

    R.I.P., Twinkies

    What really did in America’s favorite guilty pleasure.
  • Citibank

    Meet the New Boss

    Showman, lawyer, quant, jock. Daniel Gross on Citigroup’s continuing parade of CEOs, who always seem to be fighting the last battle.
  • Botox

    The Botox Economy

    Why drugmaker Allergan is the perfect company.
  • Euro Barroso

    Booster Barroso

    Can his team do enough to save the euro?
  •  R. Bradford Malt

    R. Bradford Malt

    Meet the man who knows all about Mitt Romney's taxes.
  • housing-market-nb50

    Home Stretch

    The housing market is coming back, writes Dan Gross.