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    California's Next Governor Won't Have It Easy

    In California, it won't make much difference who wins the gubernatorial race, at least not right away. Sweep aside each candidate's vision for running California—either as a shipshape business (Whitman) or by returning to the basics of its heyday (Brown)—and what's left is a state severely crippled by institutional ailments that neither candidate will be able to fix in the immediate future.
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    What a GOP Takeover Would Mean

    On Nov. 2, Republicans are likely to regain control of the House and come close to winning back the Senate. But while conservatives are already trumpeting the 2010 midterms as a historic validation of their agenda, the truth, as in 2008, is considerably more nuanced.
  • tea-party-candidates-intro

    What the New D.C. Power Structure Might Look Like

    Washington may look very different after the midterms. The GOP is favored to win control of the House, which would put John Boehner in the speaker’s chair and allow Republicans to head every committee. We offer a look at the would-be power structure.
  • The Nazi Sympathizer Who Isn’t

    Ohio Republican Rich Iott is being attacked for wearing a Nazi uniform. But shouldn't we care about his views, not his attire?
  • Alaska: Oil Companies Balk at Prudhoe Bay Tax Slap

    The trans-Alaska Pipeline is the largest conduit of domestic oil, a funnel for crude from the North Slope’s Prudhoe Bay to the Port of Valdez. But the Prudhoe wells are drying up—and the prospect of replacing them appears ever more grim. Despite the capacity to carry 2 million barrels a day, the pipeline’s current flow is less than 700,000 gallons and falling at least 6 percent a year. Now its operators have commissioned a study to see how low the supply can get before crude freezes in transit. The most common estimate is about 500,000 barrels, a figure that ConocoPhillips recently predicted would be reached by 2015.
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    Obama’s Lame-Duck-Session Agenda

    In the 61 days between the election and the swearing in of a new Congress, Democrats are making their list of realistic priorities.
  • map-manhattan-backstory

    How Green Is the Big Apple?

    Greener than you'd think—potentially. Fully one fifth of Manhattan is yard space, according to a new study from the City University of New York, and that doesn't include parks and cemeteries.
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    The Beginnings of a West Wing Shake-Up

    Obama's chief of staff is on his way out—perhaps even by the end of this week. That raises the question of how his departure could change the pace of an administration at a crossroads.
  • obama-out-to-lunch

    Is President Obama Out to Lunch?

    With stagnant poll numbers and a bleak fall looming for his party, President Obama addresses criticism he's lost touch with the country.
  • recession-other-half-theft-fraud

    Democrats Ask for Two More Years for Full Recovery

    Democrats are saying that it took Republicans eight years to dig the current economic hole. And they say that the least they deserve is two more years to get the country out of it.
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    Can a Diplomat Really Get Away With Murder?

    Essentially, yes. Diplomatic immunity exists to theoretically prevent local legal disputes from interfering with the high-minded work of statecraft. Embassy and consular staff who violate laws may in rare cases face consequences back home, but while in their host countries, they can walk away from a range of crimes. Here's a list.
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    Stewart and Colbert Take On Beck

    As critics of Fox News punditry, and egged on by the Internet, the Comedy Central duo launches a pair of counter-rallies to "Restore Sanity" and "Keep Fear Alive."
  • steller-sea-lion

    Alaska Wants Sea Lions off Endangered List

    The endangered-species list is supposed to offer temporary refuge. In its 37-year history, however, more than a thousand animals have been added and only a few dozen removed (most often because of extinction or miscounts). Part of the problem is the federal government, which admits that it’s slow to remove recovered species. That chafes governors, who curb industry to protect the creatures. Now Alaska is pushing for a faster review.
  • Austan Goolsbee Gets Promoted

    He could have brought in a fresh voice, but elevating current economic adviser Austan Goolsbee to chair the Council of Economic Advisers signals that the president deeply believes that what he's doing is working.
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    Mr. President, Reinstall Those Solar Panels

    Jimmy Carter had a series of solar panels installed on the White House. Sometime during the next eight years, they came down and never went back up. Environmental activist Bill McKibben wants them put back up, and has scheduled a West Wing meeting to ask nicely.
  • rahm-emanuel-tease

    Replacing Rahm Emanuel

    Even though Rahm Emanuel has more than a month left to announce if he will leave to run for mayor of Chicago, speculation on who would replace him as Obama's chief of staff, should he go, is already swirling. Here is our short list.
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    Not the Summer He Planned

    Friday's new economic numbers weren't all bad news. But three days before Labor Day, unemployment is up again, and the pace of the recovery is far short of what the White House had planned.
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    Will Latest Gulf Explosion Revive Senate Energy Debate?

    Environmentalists don’t usually get excited when the planet gets hurt. But the oil and gas platform that caught fire in the Gulf of Mexico may have given new hope to a struggling environmental movement.
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    Murkowski Joins List of Beaten Incumbents

    After a week of recounting ballots, Sen. Lisa Murkowski told supporters she saw no reasonable path to victory and left her state in the hands of a Tea Party candidate who makes both parties in Washington nervous.
  • oval-office-tease

    Obama’s Oval Office Remodel

    Every president has made the room his own. While Obama vacationed, his staff completely revamped the cornerless room.
  • tease-hottest-decade

    What Went Wrong With Climate-Change Legislation

    The crashing demise of climate and energy legislation in the Senate last month spelled significant defeat for the environmental movement. With several weeks to reflect on what happened, environmentalists are wondering: What went wrong? And what's next?
  • glenn-beck-speaks-rally-wide.jpg

    Is Glenn Beck Running for Office?

    Ask those who showed up at Glenn Beck's rally in Washington this weekend and they'll likely tell you that in their dream world, Beck would run for president. And he would do so on a ticket with Sarah Palin. Those two together would be unstoppable, you'd hear, and are the only pair who can, to borrow a phrase from Beck, "restore America."
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    NEWSWEEK Poll: Democrats May Not Be Headed for Midterm Bloodbath

    As Democrats prepare for considerable losses in the November elections, there’s reason to believe the party in power may not be headed for the bloodbath it might expect. According to a new NEWSWEEK Poll, President Obama’s approval rating—47 percent—indicates that the party is better off this year than Republicans were in 2006, when the GOP lost 30 House seats, and than the Democrats were in 1994, when they lost 52 House seats.