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    The Myth of the Inexperienced Tea Partiers

    Both liberals and conservatives have a stake in portraying the Tea Party movement as a bunch of political newcomers without much experience. Unfortunately for both sides, it's simply not an accurate portrait of reality.
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    The End of the Nancy Pelosi Era?

    Just months ago, Nancy Pelosi was being hailed as the most powerful woman ever in American politics, and one of the most successful speakers of the House in history. Now, with the Democratic House majority in jeopardy, her reign looks like it might be nearing an end.
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    Tony Blair Defends the Iraq War

    Since finishing his 10-year stint as prime minister of the United Kingdom, Tony Blair has kept busy: he’s spent time in the Middle East as envoy of the Quartet, created a foundation devoted to ecumenical understanding, lectured widely, and worked as an adviser to JPMorgan Chase. In New York to promote his new memoir, A Journey, Blair spoke with NEWSWEEK’s David A. Graham to discuss the Iraq invasion, the Middle East peace talks, and what President Obama can learn from New Labour’s travails. Excerpts:
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    Murkowski May Launch Write-In Bid, but It Might Not Change Election's Outcome

    Sen. Lisa Murkowski, Republican of Alaska, is widely expected to launch a write-in bid for Senate on Friday evening—setting up another interesting skirmish between the Tea Party movement and the GOP establishment. But her chance at retaining the seat, or splitting the vote and handing it to a Democrat, still seems slim—for now.
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    Daily Debunk: The GOP Isn't Going to Dump John Boehner

    A few prominent liberal bloggers are stoking rumors that House Minority Leader John Boehner is on his way out the door. While that doesn't make any sense at all, is it possible that Boehner's recent rifts with his party are smart electoral politics?
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    Harry Reid Tries to Snatch Defeat From the Jaws of Delaware Victory

    When the media are conducting a de facto oppo dump on your party's opponent, it's best to get out of the way and let the stories be heard. Instead, Harry Reid has decided to try to talk over them. Chris Coons can't be happy: you might say Reid is in his doghouse today.
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    Ayotte Edges Lamontagne to Win New Hampshire Senate Nomination

    It took more than 17 hours to determine, but former New Hampshire attorney general Kelly Ayotte has beaten back a late run by Ovide Lamontagne and captured the Republican nomination for Senate in the state. But was it ever close.
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    Tea Party Wins Big as O'Donnell Topples Castle in Delaware

    The Tea Party won a major victory in Delaware on Tuesday night as Christine O'Donnell came from behind in a late-game sprint that toppled establishment candidate Mike Castle. But O'Donnell now faces a greater challenge as she moves on to the general election.
  • GOP Infighting Threatens Governor Pickups in Massachusetts and Colorado

    Since there's no doubt that November is going to be bloody for Democrats, the question now is how bloody. Two bright spots in a sea of black: Colorado and Massachusetts, where infighting among conservatives threatens to derail two good prospects for Republican takeovers of governor's mansions.
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    Jerry Brown's California Campaign Fumbles

    You can't teach an old dog new tricks, but it's reasonable to expect that he knows the old ones. However, California Democrats are learning that even that isn't a sure bet, as gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown keeps demonstrating in his bumbling campaign against Meg Whitman.
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    Why Delaware Is the Race to Watch

    Primary season might be winding down, but Tuesday night's Republican Senate primaries in Delaware and, to a lesser extent, New Hampshire, are still among the most important of the year. The results will be a bellwether for whether Republicans can take control of Congress in November and could help shape the national scene headed into the 2012 elections.
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    George Voinovich: Unsung Moderate Hero of the Senate

    The pantheon of moderate Republicans beloved by the media is well known, often through the fawning profiles they accrue. But Sen. George Voinovich, an Ohio Republican, gets sadly neglected—and he's proved that again, announcing that he'll support a Democratic proposal for small-business incentives.
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    Bob Dylan In America

    Seasoned Bob Dylan watcher and well-regarded Princeton historian Sean Wilentz examines the singer-songwriter’s relationship with, and especially his borrowings from, the American musical and cultural past, assessing Dylan’s role as both a continuation of the folk tradition and an innovator who subverts it.
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    Palin Endorses Tea Party Candidate O'Donnell in Delaware Senate Race

    Sarah Palin has given Delaware Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell a late-game endorsement in her battle against frontrunning Republican Mike Castle. Is Palin's backing enough to turn the race into a repeat of Joe Miller's surprise victory in the Alaska GOP primary?
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    Has Obama's $50 Billion Infrastructure Push Already Reached a Dead End?

    Even as economists and wonks debate the merits of President Obama's $50 billion infrastructure proposal, the political winds are already blowing it back out to sea. The Washington Post front page Thursday morning screams that Obama's plans are "getting a cool reception."
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    The Many Ways Airlines Are Racking Up the Fees

    It seemed so reasonable at first—just a fee for checking more than the standard two bags. But like a slowly expanding epidemic, the charges started mounting to include everything from legroom to water.
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    In NBC Interview, Obama Again Dismisses Belief That He's a Muslim With Joke

    With polls showing that an increasing number of Americans believe he is not a Christian, President Obama addressed the rumors about him in an interview with Brian Williams of "NBC Nightly News" Sunday night, joking, "I can't spend all my time with my birth certificate plastered on my forehead."
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    Great Political Ad Watch: John Hickenlooper Edition

    As the latest installment in our series of great campaign ads with a humorous bent, here's the newest ad from Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper, the Democratic nominee for Colorado governor. In it, Hickenlooper explains why he's not running any negative ads.
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    Closing the Books?

    Libraries across the U.S. are facing funding crises as they become the latest victims of the recession.
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    A Mosque by Any Other Name

    Almost from the start, the battle over a proposed Islamic cultural center in lower Manhattan has been as much about vocabulary as geography. A quick survey of just some of the discussion provides a cornucopia of names. What are people talking about when they use each label? Here's a quick guide to the semantics of the mosque debate.
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    Reid: Build the Ground Zero Mosque Somewhere Else

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has come out against a proposed Islamic center and mosque in lower Manhattan, saying that although the complex is protected by free speech, it shouldn't be built there. That puts Reid at loggerheads with President Obama.
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    A Short History of Presidential Vacation Outrage

    The only thing worse than having to work while lots of people are on vacation must be having to work in the press pool covering people on vacation. Because just as predictable as the pundit machine's August fixation on silly stuff is that the press corps will find something scandalous to say about a presidential vacation. Not just Obama. Every president.
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    Don't Believe the Hillary Clinton–for–VP Meme

    Conservative columnists Tunku Varadarajan and John Fund have both argued this week that President Obama should drop Joe Biden and make Hillary Clinton his running mate in 2012. But contrary to what they say, the movement isn't gaining traction—unless baseless speculation by pundits constitutes traction—and the political math is fuzzy at best.
  • Great Political-Ad Watch: Ben Quayle Edition

    We at the Gaggle have been in a bit of a post-primary funk. With the likes of Tim James, Basil Marceaux, and Dale Peterson knocked out of their races, we thought we might be back to the old routine when it comes to ads. But fear not! Ben Quayle saves the day with this excellent spot. With bleak shadows, long pauses, and words of warning, suffice it to say this ain't "morning in America." "Barack Obama ... is the worst president ... in history," he intones. "What's happened to America?"...
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    Are GOP Senators Serious About Changing the 14th Amendment?

    Since Sen. Lindsey Graham said he thinks it's wrong that children of illegal immigrants who are born in the U.S. get automatic citizenship, a growing group of his GOP colleagues have jumped on the bandwagon—sort of. The catch? Other than Graham, they're not quite going all the way, instead saying they think it's worth it for Congress to hold hearings on the topic.
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    'Last Chance: The Middle East in the Balance'

    In light of the botched Israeli raid on the Gaza aid flotilla and the continuing rule of Gaza by Hamas, it might seem as though the situation in the Middle East is as hopeless as ever. It’s actually worse, says David Gardner: if the world—especially the Arab nations and the major Western powers—doesn’t address several major problems now, a new dark age could last for generations.
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    The New Black Panther Story: Light on Facts, Heavy on Echo

    The problem with the version of the New Black Panthers story circulating in right-wing media is that everything rests on one man's unverifiable testimony. Rather than find facts, those driving the narrative are content to repeat the same unverified story over and over.