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  • Snap Judgement

    BOOKS Kate RememberedBy A. Scott BergA biographer by trade (Lindbergh, Sam Goldwyn), Berg was also close friends with Katharine Hepburn for two decades. Here biographer and friend work together, with uneven results. But the best man-the friend -wins. The good stuff is Berg just hanging out with Hepburn-and not missing a thing: she was proud of her hospital corners when she made a bed, and the more she liked a book, the more chocolate she smeared in the margins.Girl Walks Into a BarBy Strawberry SaroyanThis engaging memoir isn't another saga of recovery. It's about a New York girl in her 20s who builds disposable friendships, hustles as a Conde Nast editor and schmoozes with Tina Brown. But she comes to question her ideal of a "girl in heels, clicking away"-and walks off. Saroyan, granddaughter of novelist William and daughter of poet Aram, has introspection-and writing in her blood. Her coming-of-age tale will resonate with a generation of girls trying to become women in an image...