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    A Family Matter

    Lally Weymouth on brass bands, meeting Milosevic, and the days when her parents owned Newsweek.
  • Hillary and the Press

    Ask any woman over 35, Clinton supporter or not: the media hate Hillary. After all, reliable voices of the left—Frank Rich, Maureen Dowd—have launched scathing critiques of her campaign, her ethics or her motives. Samantha Power, a Time contributing editor and hero of the human-rights crowd, was forced to resign from the Obama campaign last week after calling Clinton a "monster." Rolling Stone endorsed the Illinois senator with an almost beatific painting on its cover. And then there's Chris Matthews. If just half the people who have bashed Matthews for anti-Clinton rhetoric had ever actually tuned in to his program, he'd have ratings to reckon with.Even to some conservatives, the prejudice is unmistakable. Fox News's Bill O'Reilly charges that a biased media are trying to engineer the election in Obama's favor. According to the nonpartisan Center for Media and Public Affairs, O'Reilly might actually be right: from December to mid-February, 83 percent of network-news coverage of...
  • Welcome Back, Captain Fantastic

    There’s a scene in Mick Jagger’s (stunningly bland) new, made-for-TV documentary, “Being Mick,” in which he’s invited to a benefit at Elton John’s palatial estate outside of London. The two confer in Elton’s garden, cattily criticizing Madonna’s “Drowned World” tour. They agree her show was disappointing. “She should have done more old songs,” Mick says.That's not a criticism anyone can make about Sir Elton’s John’s “Songs from the West Coast” tour. In New York’s Madison Square Garden on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, John opened his show in front of a sell-out crowd with the 1973 classic, “Funeral for a Friend,” then launched into a two-and-a-half-hour retrospective of 34 years of brilliant pop writing--with a half dozen or so performances of music from the new release.Aging rock stars traveling down memory lane isn’t always pretty. There’s a reason Madonna opted to perform mostly new material: the show may have been deeply unsatisfying for her audience, but at least she didn’t come...
  • A Powerless Presidency

    ''DEATH TO AMERICA!'' THE ROAR went up outside the former U.S. Embassy in Tehran last Tuesday, 18 years after Islamic militants stormed the compound and took 52 Americans hostage. Several thousand demonstrators shook their fists and waved their placards (AMERICA CAN'T DO A DAMN THING!); some carried effigies of Uncle Sam. Many were students born after the Iranian revolution and were clearly enjoying the morning off from school. ""Where are you from?'' a group of chador-clad teenage girls asked two NEWSWEEK reporters. At the answer, they broke into wide smiles: ""Oh, we love America!''It's the Iranians who are hostages now, prisoners of the tired revolutionary rhetoric that most of them long to discard. That includes the new president, Mohammed Khatami, who won a landslide 70 percent of the vote last May on promises to relax the social restrictions that confine Iran's 60 million citizens--and cover everything from what to wear to what to read. His election raised hopes that the...