Eli Lake

Stories by Eli Lake

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    The Convict

    Robert Becker had a firsthand view of Egypt’s drift away from democracy.
    European Edition Version
  • lake-nm0521-russia-main-tease

    Obama’s Putin Problem

    From Syria to nukes, Moscow just keeps getting in the way.
    European Edition Version
  • lake-mm0420-bradleymanning-tease

    Leniency for Leakers

    Why Obama should go easier on them.
    European Edition Version
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    Orwell on the Potomac

    The Justice Department targets journalists.
    European Edition Version
  • poi-brower-nb2001-main

    Bill Browder

    The man who provoked Russia’s American-adoption ban.
  • Abbottabad compound

    Secret Weapons

    Navy Seal ‘Mark Owen’ revealed that the intelligence analyst who led his team to Osama was a woman.