Evan Thomas

Stories by Evan Thomas

  • Hamilton Jordan, 63, Political Strategist

    Hamilton Jordan, who died last week of cancer, may be remembered, wrongly, as the good ole boy who got Jimmy Carter elected president in 1976 and was bizarrely investigated (though never charged) with snorting cocaine at New York City's Studio 54. A self-described "political animal," and the youngest ever White House chief of staff (at 34), Jordan—pronounced jer-dun—could be funny and profane, especially when chewing up a self-important Washington pooh-bah. House Speaker Tip O'Neill sometimes referred to him as "Hannibal Jerkin." He was, a friend of recalls, "a Southerner through and through, yet completely clear-eyed about the region's problems. He could smell hypocrisy a mile away, and found lots of it regarding race relations."Volunteering as a civilian relief worker during the Vietnam War, he was exposed to Agent Orange, which may have caused his illness. A well disguised intellectual deeply read in history, Jordan devoted much of his life to helping the sick, raising money for...
  • Leadership and Eco-Reality

    Oratory is not enough. It often takes a national crisis to persuade Americans to make sacrifices.
  • His Dark Journey

    There's no way to have predicted his recklessness. But a look at Eliot Spitzer's past helps explain his capacity for risk.
  • The Fight Over How to Fight

    Should we prepare for big wars or small ones? After Afghanistan and Iraq, the answer might seem obvious, but the truth is harder and more expensive: both.
  • Clintons: Self-Inflicted Wounds

    She is undeniably resilient. But it seems that Hillary Clinton is often recovering from her campaign's self-inflicted wounds.
  • The Myth of Objectivity

    Is the mainstream press unbiased? No, but we aren't ideological. What we really thrive on is conflict.
  • Bill Buckley: Mr. Right, RIP

    He united the conservatives. But William F. Buckley did more than that: he crafted a winning alternative to New Deal liberalism. Now the right is adrift and needs … another William F. Buckley.
  • McCain vs. The Times

    McCain's denial that he had a romantic relationship with a lobbyist was firm, but it invited a game of catch me if you can.
  • Welcome to the Family

    He may be JFK's heir. But Barack Obama lacks Kennedy's crucial ally.
  • What These Eyes Have Seen

    He's endured the unendurable, and survived. Inside the mind and heart of John McCain.
  • In The Shadow of Bush

    The president has left his party in a precarious state. But the GOP candidates running in the wake of his wreckage can learn much from his failures.
  • GOP: McCain vs. Huckabee

    McCain and Huckabee are human, at times too cute, and can be self-defeating. That's why this thing is going to be fun.