Gabrielle Jonas

Stories by Gabrielle Jonas

  • 4.18_NW0316_Crowdsource

    Science’s Amateur Hour

    Crowdsourcing has started to affect the course of research, for better or worse
    European Edition Version
  • 2.14_NW0407_AntiScience

    A Textbook Case of Anti-Science

    New state laws are giving teachers the option to teach scientific fact – like evolution and climate change – as opinion.
    European Edition Version
  • 12-6-13_NW0344_Printer

    Now You Can 3-D Print Your Guns in Metal

    Engineers at Michigan Technological University have open-source plans for an affordable, homemade 3-D printer designed to fabricate solid-steel products.
  • 12-6-13_NW0344_Printer

    Testing Your Metal

    Building plans for a 3-D metal printer are now available on open source
    European Edition Version