The Saga of the Stinky Cheese

For me, the most symbolic representation of how Starbucks in 2007 was losing its magic was the warm breakfast sandwich. I’d resisted the idea of serving sandwiches in our stores from the start, though I understood why they made financial sense. Our warm sandwiches gained a loyal following and drove up sales and profits. The more popular they became, the more our baristas had to heat them in warming ovens. And when they did, the sandwiches would inevitably drip and sizzle in the ovens, releasing a pungent smell. The rich, hearty coffee aroma in the stores was overwhelmed by singed Monterey Jack, mozzarella, and, most offensively, cheddar. Where was the magic in burnt cheese?

How Starbucks Got Its Mojo Back

After years of remarkable growth, the iconic coffee chain started to look bad. Even smell bad. In an excerpt from his new book, CEO Howard Schultz tells how he reinvented the company from the coffee bean up.