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    Evidence Mounts of School Health Hazards

    As evidence mounts of health hazards at many U.S. schools, parents are increasingly frustrated by the difficulty in keeping their kids’ learning environments safe.
  • Information Overload: Can Patients Decipher the Available Health-Care Data?

    A new Web site from the Obama administration offers valuable data on insurers and hospitals, but much of it may be confusing and overwhelming to average consumers. And the one category that may mean the most to them—patient satisfaction—is not always a good indicator of how well a hospital treats illnesses.
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    Hispanos: lo mismo no sirve para todos

    En las campañas de promoción de la salud, la diversidad es un factor esencial para acercarse a la comunidad Latina. Esta es una de las claves con las que trabajan varias organizaciones.
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    Barriers to Health Care for Hispanics

    While millions of Americans of all backgrounds face the problem of being unable to access care because of a lack of insurance or inadequate coverage, Latinos are far more likely than people in other racial and ethnic groups to be unable to afford or get care when they need it.