The Queen And Her Subjects

Who else but Madonna can identify with scorned royalty? Trying her hand as director of a lush period piece, she is candid about everything from Lady Gaga to her wayward marriage.

Business Travel Poll: Men and Sex

It's the dirty secret about business travel. Many married men expect sex along with their room service, according to a NEWSWEEK poll. But will the Strauss-Kahn scandal change the rules of the game?

Spider-Man’s Real Villain

The musical disaster show has made director Julie Taymor this season’s media piñata. But could her departure unmask another culprit?

The Moronic and Magical 'Book of Mormon'

What is it about those Latter-day Saints that’s so funny? Just about everything, say Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the "South Park" masterminds whose new musical, "The Book of Mormon," debuts on Broadway March 24.