Jean Chatzky

Stories by Jean Chatzky

  • Toyota Highlander Illo

    The Art of Carbitrage

    Turns out you can make a mint off the car in your driveway. Here’s how to be your own used-auto dealer—and take advantage of the huge demand for gently used vehicles.
  • re-gifting-nb30-money

    'Tis the Season for Regifting

    Liberate your wallet this holiday season with the help of a new crop of online gift-card exchanges.
  • target-funds-nb40-chatzky

    Target: Act Three

    Here’s everything you need to know about target-date funds so you won’t be headed for the homeless shelter.
  • banking-nb30-chatzky

    How to Break Up With Your Bank

    After consumers raged, some banks are trying to beat a quick retreat from hidden fees. Jean Chatzky reports.
  • emotions-investing-nb50-chatzky

    Emotion-Free Investing

    As the stock market continues to yo-yo, it can be tough to stay calm.