• women-ov25-recovery-wide

    Women Will Rule the World

    When historians write about the great recession of 2007–08, they may very well have a new name for it: the Mancession. It’s a term already being bandied about in the popular media as business writers chronicle the sad tales of the main victims of the recession: men.
  • marriage-stats-divorce

    The Case Against Marriage

    Sure, some weddings are fun—but too often they're a formulaic, overpriced, fraught rite of passage, marking entry into an institution that sociologists describe as "broken." Should smart women say "I don't"?
  • gal_newsweek-cvoers-women

    Young Women, Newsweek, and Sexism

    In 1970, 46 women filed a landmark gender-discrimination case against NEWSWEEK. Forty years later, their contemporary counterparts question how much has actually changed.