Jimmy So

Stories by Jimmy So

  • wittmann books

    Brainy Beach Reads

    Not your typical summer thrillers.
    European Edition Version
  • so-cu0622-superman-main-tease

    The War Against Superman

    Seventy-five years on, he’s still ready to save us.
    European Edition Version
  • so-cu0219-books-main-tease

    Your Beach Book Bag

    Twelve must-reads for your summer vacation.
    European Edition Version
  • 130515-so-nm0418-sjon-tease

    What a Strange Sjón

    Three Summer reads come out of Iceland.
    European Edition Version
  • so-NB56-salinger-main-tease

    Was Salinger a Phony?

    Early letters reveal author could be a ‘terrific liar.’ By Jimmy So.
  • silent house by orhan pamuk

    Illicit Loves

    Four new fall novels explore our desires and fears. By Jimmy So, Lucy Scholes and Nicholas Mancusi.
  • 11-fall-books-om03-main-tease

    Fall’s Big Reads

    From Salman Rushdie’s years in hiding to Tom Wolfe’s first novel in eight years, Newsweek picks 15 must-have books.
  • dickens-ov30

    What the Dickens!

    This year’s Dickens bicentennial has inspired countless comparisons. Jimmy So looks around to find the Dickens of the world.