John Ericson

Stories by John Ericson

  • 4.04_SelfRadiation_cropped

    Death Rays

    We’re fighting cancer by subjecting ourselves to cancer-causing radiation (Effective doses shown above are measured in millisieverts.)
    European Edition Version
  • 3.21_NW0411_AnimalTesting_03

    Building the Better Lab Rat

    Cutting back on animal testing isn’t just good ethics, it’s good science
    European Edition Version
  • 2.21_NW0308_AnimalRights

    Killing to Stay Alive

    What will happen if scientists are forced to stop experimenting on mice and other animals?
    European Edition Version
  • 2.7_FEO306_DSM

    'A Pill for Every Ill'

    Deep ties between the authors of a widely used manual on mental disorders and the pharmaceutical industry come under fire
    European Edition Version
  • 11-22-13_NW0442_Hangover

    Science Tackles the Hangover

    Scientists are working on an alcohol surrogate that could provide all the elements of a beer buzz, without the morning after.
  • 11-22-13_NW0442_Hangover

    The Wet Cure

    Science may soon be able to eliminate the hangover (but not the buzz)
    European Edition Version