Karen Springen

Stories by Karen Springen

  • Fight For A Name Of His Own

    Two-year-old Anthony Goeppner Garetto is too young to understand but he's having an identity crisis. His divorcing parents, Mary Garetto and Tom Goeppner of Chicago, each want him to bear different surnames. Separated from her husband when she delivered Anthony Garetto, 31, put her maiden name on the boy's birth certificate. Goeppner, 30, says he didn't know a thing about her plan until he saw the tag on the hospital bassinet. ...
  • Sequels For The Shelf

    Talk about pulling a new product out of thin air. Last week Planters LifeSavers Co. unveiled Life Savers Holes--tiny candies that look as if they've been punched out of the familiar rainbow-colored treats. Of course, Life Savers Holes don't really come from holes in Life Savers. Since their inception in 1912, Life Savers have been made by shaping a sugary candy mixture around a rod, a process that eliminates the need for a center. Yet that didn't stop the folks at Planters Lifesavers. They saw gold in them thar Holes. A package of the tiny fruit-flavored drops contains half the amount of candy in a roll of Life Savers but sells for the same price--50 cents. Even sweeter yet, the company was able to launch the new product while saving millions on research, development and marketing. ...